Where to Find Drugs at a Good Price – Customer Recommendation

I decided to turn to an online drugstore to reduce expenses on Cialis. I was prescribed this drug about 2 years ago. And I take it several times per month. At first, I used to buy it at pharmacies located near my office or house. But the price was about $700 for 10 tablets with the dosage strength of 10 mg. And my insurance didn’t cover it. So, I had to pay a full price out of my pocket. At some drugstores the price was a bit lower, but still too high. I heard that at online pharmacies drugs are much cheaper and decided to try.

I had a look at several online pharmacies and chose this website ― vegaalliance.org. The company is called Trust Pharmacy. Why this drugstore? First, I liked reviews left by their customers. They were positive, but not too glowing. They looked realistic. Then I googled the name of the pharmacy, and there was nothing suspicious on the Internet. Also, they have a large selection of medications for erectile dysfunction, and I am going to try some new products later. And their prices were much lower than at pharmacies in my city. I paid about $130 for 36 pills of Cialis 10 mg. That is about $3.50 per pill. So, I saved several hundreds of dollars! I decided to take a bigger pack, since the price was quite affordable for me. Besides, I wanted to save on delivery.

Now, let me tell you about the ordering process. This website is quite easy-to-use. The search bar is located right on the main page. So, I just entered “Brand Cialis” and got on the page needed. There, I selected the dosage and the size of a pack and clicked on “Add to cart”. The prices were indicated in US dollars, but the currency could be changed. I like that they also write prices per a pill, so you see how much you can save if you buy a bigger pack. Below on the page of a product, there are reviews by other customers and a description. There are detailed instructions on how to use the medicine as well.

There are two delivery options ― standard airmail ($10) and trackable delivery ($30). But, if the sum is $200 and more, standard airmail shipping is free. Besides, there is free delivery insurance. I selected standard delivery, since I did not want to overpay for tracking and had a few pills left at home (so I had enough time to wait for a package to arrive). As for terms, shipping to the USA took about 2 weeks. It is a bit too long, although that was a cheaper delivery option.

As for packaging, I got my order in an envelope. It looked like a usual letter. There was no extra information on it, except for my name and shipping address. I liked that. Privacy is important for me.

Speaking about tablets, they looked and tasted as usual. As for their effect, they worked properly. The effect was powerful and lasted about 30 hours as always. I’ve read some articles about this medication and compared it to other similar pills before taking it.  I did not notice any difference either. So, I can say that this online pharmacy sells genuine brand Cialis.

I ordered from Trust Pharmacy about 2 months ago, and I still have some pills left. But I plan to turn to them again. Next time, I will also buy birth control pills and herbal supplements for my wife, so that delivery is free. Also, there is a loyalty program, and I expect to get a 10% discount on my second order.


  • The website is user-friendly and works swiftly.
  • There is a large assortment of ED meds.
  • They offer both brand drugs and generics, which are even cheaper.
  • Orders are processed quickly.
  • Medicines look and work identically to those from offline drugstores.
  • There are 10% loyalty discounts on the second and next orders.
  • If the sum of the order is $200 and more, standard delivery is provided for free.


  • Trackable delivery is too expensive.
  • Regular airmail is a bit slow, and there is no tracking.

Summing up, I’d like to say that Trust Pharmacy is my number one choice which I highly recommend to my friends. Many of them have already tried their products and shared their positive feedback.

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