How to Get a Prescription Online: Cequent Pharma Answer

What Is an Online Prescription?

An online prescription, like the traditional prescription, is a written prescription for a drug by an approved doctor. A distinction is generally made between non-prescription and prescription drugs, i.e. drugs that can be purchased without a prescription or only after presentation of such a prescription in pharmacies.

Prescription Online

In Canada, a distinction is made primarily between reimbursable and non-reimbursable drugs. The cost of prescription medicines is mostly reimbursed in full or in part by private health insurance companies and covered by statutory health insurance companies. Over-the-counter medications, on the other hand, are usually paid for by a patient.

What Is a Prescription and Why Do I Need It?

A prescription is a medical written prescription of medicinal or therapeutic products. Above all, this includes medication or prescriptions for therapies, such as massages or physiotherapy. There are two types of medication: prescription and non-prescription. It protects a patient from wrong and possibly dangerous self-medication.

Only a doctor can decide whether taking certain prescription medication is appropriate or not. He prescribes them accordingly. A prescription can then be redeemed in a pharmacy.

Prescription drugs include, for example:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antidiabetic drugs
  • Cancer therapeutics
  • Strong pain relievers

Depending on the conditions of the health insurance company, a prescription can be submitted to the health insurance company and the costs for the medication can be reimbursed.

When Is a Prescription Invalid?

The doctor’s signature is mandatory to be given the prescribed medication. If this is not the case, the prescription is invalid.

The Difference between Online and Regular Prescription

In the case of a conventional visit to a doctor, a patient receives a prescription in paper form after the treatment and can usually redeem it in a pharmacy for up to three months after prescription. However, since the actual visit to the doctor is no longer necessary with telemedical treatment, numerous doctors now offer the option of having a prescription issued online. Following a video treatment, the prescription is immediately forwarded to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. After checking the personal details, he or she receives the prescribed medication there as well as the printed and signed prescription for submission to the health insurance company.

This Is How an Online Prescription Works

Obtaining a doctor’s prescription online naturally makes everyday life for patients considerably easier. Therefore, a known healthcare providing service and medicines supplier, Ihealthtran pharmacy offers the opportunity to request a prescription online. You need to accurately communicate the symptoms of your condition to the specialist online, including your medical history and the list of currently taken drugs. At the same time, you need to understand that the consultation online is not always a full-on substitution for a visit to a doctor’s office, even though it is a good way to take care of the most immediate questions.

If a doctor determines during your telemedical treatment that you need prescription medication, he or she can quickly and easily issue you an online prescription app. And the best thing is: your effort is limited to the usual trip to the pharmacy.

Advantages of Online Prescription

Potency drugs, medications for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, but also medications for the treatment of signs of aging, such as hair loss, are used in areas that patients often classify as unpleasant.

  • You may feel embarrassed and do not like to speak openly about it. Almost anonymous issuance of the prescription is a relief for those affected.
  • While there is often no time for a comprehensive medical history during a personal doctor-patient conversation, the detailed health questionnaire to be filled in at the online service ensures exactly that. It ensures high-quality and service-oriented patient care.
  • A patient also saves the time-consuming visit to the doctor. You get appointments in no time.

How Does the Online Prescription Work?

Online doctor’s offices can prescribe a private prescription after a doctor’s consultation with a patient, as long as it makes medical sense. The conversation can take place via telephone or video or via chat. Photos can be uploaded in specialized apps, for instance provided by Canadian Pharmacies to facilitate and support remote medical diagnosis. When a prescription is prescribed, it is sent to a patient and a pharmacy of his or her choice. The prescribed medication can then be picked up at this pharmacy or DDP delivered.

Issuing a prescription based on remote diagnosis is completely legal if both the treating doctor and the selected pharmacy are approved by the NAPRA. As a rule, prescriptions are valid for three months. The cost of prescription drugs is usually covered by the health insurance. However, insured persons pay part of the costs in the form of statutory additional payments. The own contribution is ten percent of the drug price; at least five dollars and a maximum of ten dollars. If the drug costs less than five dollars, you pay the costs yourself. The additional payment applies per prescribed medicine and not per prescription. The extent of the additional payments for patients is limited. If the costs exceed two percent of the gross annual income, you can be exempted for the rest of the year.

If a person submits the prescription to the health insurance company, the cost of the medication will be reimbursed by the health insurance company. The refund is usually only half a month after issuing and redeeming a prescription. A pharmacist is allowed to exchange a prescribed medicine for another cheaper medicine.

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